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The Arizona Balance Brace

The Arizona Balance Brace™ (ABB) is the original balance brace and the only one clinically proven to reduce postural sway and increase postural stability. The ABB is a custom-made AFO designed to reduce the risk and incidence of falls in the elderly and high risk populations.

The ABB is best utilized in conjunction with a comprehensive fall prevention protocol which may include strength training, certain environmental changes in the home, physical therapy and other related specialties.

The ABB is typically prescribed bilaterally.

The Arizona Balance Brace and Arizona Balance Shoe are now available as a bundle option. Discounts apply.

What's Included:

  • Arizona Balance Brace™ (ABB) Sample
  • ABB/ABS Bundle Sell Sheet
  • CDC Fact Sheet
  • Arizona AFO Price List
  • Baylor Study Paper
  • Arizona AFO Casting Guide
  • STS Casting Sock
  • 3 Gauntlet AFO Order Forms
  • 3 Return Labels

Clinical Indications

  • Difficulty walking and/or maintaining balance
  • History of falls
  • Vestibular disorder
  • Chronic ankle Instability
  • Arthritic ankle
  • Stroke Imbalance/foot drop
  • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy

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